Company with limited liability «HolzModa» 100% Ukrainian capital officially registered in Poland as a satellite company company PPUH «Domel» S.J.

«HolzModa» set up to supply raw materials for the company «Domel» and sells finished products - products from thermoash (thermowood) to the CIS countries. In Poland we supply forest-and timber from Ukraine following species: ash, oak European, Canadian oak, alder and beech.

In production facilities «Domel», which is the largest in performance in Poland (heat chamber company «Katres» volume 30 m3), our company carries out thermomodification hardwood lumber and their subsequent processing for high-precision equipment from Weinig Unimat 23E, Homag, Schroeder, which ensures the highest quality finished product.

Guarantee on our products for external use - 30 years.